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18 rue des Trois Châteaux
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Monday to Saturday
9 - 12 h / 14 - 18 h
Sunday closed

Selection of the grapes

Harvest by hand

For about 15 years now, Philippe Zinck has had an energetic vision of vine management, one that focuses on striving for the best soil balance in order to get the smallest output.

The earth is turned and the growth of natural grasses is encouraged, in order to get the deepest root growth from the vines and also to deal with extreme weather conditions. The expression of the soil and the savors it provides is optimal.

Managing the growth this way remains the same, regardless of the vines in question. Each parcel is handled methodically; the vigor of each of the vines and the leafy surface has to be perfectly controlled.

Respect for the environment is part of the ethic of Philippe Zinck and his wife, Pascale. During many years, the vines were grown respecting a belief in and respect for sustainable production, along with organic and biodynamic agricultural methods on some parcels. Since the vintage 2011, the wines are farmed in respect of organic agriculture on all the surface area.

Particular attention is given to choosing the date of the harvest, as the purity and the balance of the juice depends directly on the weather. The grapes are picked by hand in order to provide maximum respect for the fruit and to be able to sort the bunches, if necessary. This traditional procedure keeps bruising to a minimum and protects the grapes from crushing before pressing.