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The logical choice of the Stelvin Lux screwcap closure

Philippe Zinck was the first winemaker in Alsace to adopt the recently developed screwcap closure, the Stelvin Lux. Since the 2004 vintage, it has been used on his Portrait range and, responding to customer requests, is now used for the other ranges, including the Terroir and the Grands Crus. It fits perfectly with the image and packaging of Zinck wines.

Made up of an aluminium screw cap with a thread adaptable to different types of wines, and a skirt with a plastic insert, it has three essential qualities necessary for good wine cellaring:

  • It’s perfectly airtight, which allows the wine to conserve all its qualities; it also allows handling of the bottles in all positions without the slightest risk.

  • The seal itself is permeable to air and thus allows controlled adjustment of the exchange of gasses. The only part of the cap to come in direct contact with the liquid, the seal can be chosen according to the desired degree of permeability, the wines produced and the type of evolution desired.

  • The absence of cork and the neutrality of the material used to make the capsules permit the wine to conserve all the nuance in taste (fruit, flower, etc.) without any false notes and, more especially, without the corked taste, which generally accounts for about 5% loss.

Convinced that this closure technique guarantees the best quality and authenticity of wines, the Zinck winery has decided to introduce it progressively with all three ranges offered --- excepting the Crémant.

Today, this new procedure has been used on five consecutive vintages. It provides total satisfaction: the wines are authentic; they age beautifully thanks to the exchange of air, without the least change in aromas; and there's a sound evolution in the bottle.

The screwcap closure guarantees perfect conservation of the pureness of our products while maintaining the identical quality for all the wine bottled from the same vintage. We can verify this at each comparative wine tasting done at the Winery after one, two and three years of cellaring.