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Grands Crus : The Top of the Line

Each Grand Cru is unique because it is cultivated on one of the very best parcels in Alsace, chosen for the soil, aspect and altitude. The Grands Crus parcels, Eichberg and Pfersigberg, are located on the hillsides near Eguisheim; the Goldert is in Gueberschwihr and the Rangen, in Thann.

Each wine reveals to dazzling effect its singularity; the Eichbergs have their strength, the Pfersigbergs reflect feminity, the Golderts a certain classicism, and the structure and complexity for the which the Rangens are so well-known

The Grands Crus are the result of sound harvests of mature fruit in small quantities. With a nose fine and delicate while at the same time subtle and deep, these wines are intense, harmonious and long in the mouth.

These top of the lines wines are the pride of our winery.