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Fete des Vignerons in Eguisheim

Eguisheim, located a few kilometers southwest of Colmar, on the Wine Road, is the cradle of Alsatian winemaking.

The art of cultivating grapevines was introduced by the Roman legions during their passage in the Rhine valley, and has been omnipresent ever since. Wine-growing reached its peak in the 16th century; the region suffered numerous conflicts until the end of World War II, and the vineyards were ravaged by phylloxera at the beginning of the 20th century.

Despite all that, the vineyards held up well and the winemakers turned towards a production of high quality vintages, a policy reinforced first by delimiting the production areas, in 1945; then with the recognition of AOC, or labels guaranteeing the origin of the wines, in 1962; and finally, by the addition of the ultimate AOC for the Alsatian grand cru, in 1975, for two areas in Eguisheim, the Eichberg and Pfersigberg.

Surrounded by 339 hectares of vine-covered hills, Eguisheim is a village of picturesque winding roads and half-timbered houses, nationally recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Dating from 720, this fortified residence has survived many centuries and seen diverse architectural styles. Its originality is due today to its castle, the sixteen courts colongères, its fountains and the church.

Being a lively village, there are numerous holiday celebrations and seasonal activities, to the satisfaction of tourists and the inhabitants of the area both. From the holiday of Saint Urbain in May, to the Week of Wines and the Night of the Grands Crus in July, then on to the Winemakers’ holiday in August, the famous celebration of Vin Nouveau in October to the indispensable Christmas Market in December, and including the concert aperitifs every Sunday from May to September, there's something for everyone every month of the year.