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Crémant A range both rosé and white

For his white crémant, Philippe Zinck has chosen three grape varieties of different vintages, all particularly suited to sparkling wine: the Pinot Blanc and the Pinot Noir, which confer a certain strength and richness to the crémant, and the Chardonnay, which lends its fresh fruitiness. Both light and full-bodied, with a biscuity bouquet of exotic fruit and apricots, this crémant can be served with aperitifs as desserts. It surprises and pleases the palate thanks to the fine bubles that rise gracefully to dance on the tongue.

The rosé crémant, made exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes, gets its slightly pink tont from a short maceration before pressing, when it develops the aromas of cherry, raspberry, wild strawberries…A refreshing touch of acid and a solid structure make this an ideal accompaniment to white meat or fish dishes. It has a persistent, joyous finish, with bubbles becoming ever silkier.

Effervescent, bubbling wines, the crémants occupy a choice position for any and all festive moments.