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Stainless steel tanks

Arrivée des grapes entières dans le pressoir

A contemporary producer, well-anchored in the modern age, Philippe Zinck is continually enriching the art of the trade with his skills in all matters of winemaking.

Thanks to top-of-the-line equipment, he exercises quality control at each stage of production, from the grape harvest to bottling.

  • The grapes go directly into the press, without passing by the pump. This method, using pneumatic pressure, provides greater respect for the delicacy of the fruit and allows the extraction of the richest juices, resulting in an extra finesse in the wines.

  • The use of stainless steel for 90% of the tanks makes it easier to regulate the temperature of the wine during fermentation, as well as providing greater precision in tracking the freshness and purity.

  • Fermentation is the object of particular vigilance, as it is done with indigenous yeast plus selected yeast from the Alsatian vineyards, conferring style and complexity to the wines.

  • Finally, the packaging, clean and modern, contributes to and reinforces the style unique to the winery.

The logical choice of the Stelvin Lux screwcap closure